#jamuary jam number 5. There’s two voices in this jam. The first is two triangle waves a minor third apart, with a little noise mixed in

SynthDef(\tri, { |out, freq = 440, gate=1|
  var snd;

  snd = EnvGen.ar(Env.asr(3, 0.9, 3), gate: gate, doneAction: 2) *
  Mix.new([LFTri.ar(freq), LFTri.ar(freq*(6/5)*1.01), PinkNoise.ar(0.1)]);

  Out.ar(out, Pan2.ar(snd));

It plays a slow two-chord progression

Pdef(\chords, Pbind(
  \instrument, \tri,
  \scale, Scale.minorPentatonic,
  \out, 0,
  \degree, Pseq([0, 3], inf),
  \dur, 10,
  \ctranspose, -7,

The other voice is a plucky string sound from the Mutable Instruments plaits ugen

SynthDef(\blip, { | out, midinote = 60, t_trig = 1 |
	var audio = MiPlaits.ar(midinote, trigger: t_trig, engine: 11);
	OffsetOut.ar(out, Pan2.ar(audio));

It’s playing a simple 4-note melody but in a rhythm which has 5 “hits” spaced over 8 pulses (using the euclidean rhythm generators from the Bjorklund package/quark).

Pdef(\melody, Pbind(
  \instrument, \blip,
  \scale, Scale.minorPentatonic,
  \out, 2,
  \trig, 1,
  \degree, Pseq([0, 3, -4, -2], inf),
  \delta, Pbjorklund2(5, 8),
  \ctranspose, -7,

I like how this shifts the notes of the melody against the chords.

I used the OS X “Blackhole” virtual audio device to route audio out of supercollider into Reaper so I could record the two voices on separate tracks and have the ValhallaDelay on a send bus. The supercollider server was configured using

var opt = Server.default.options;
opt.device = "BlackHole 16ch";
opt.numOutputBusChannels = 4;

I quite like how this came out, I’m using a couple of new (to me) techniques and starting to get the feel for how I could create longer tracks that evolve over time using SuperCollider.