I’m Chris Lowis. I’m a member of a co-operative software development company called Go Free Range. I used to work at FutureLearn, the BBC and the German Aerospace Center. I make music and write about audio on the web platform.

I’ve had a homepage at this domain for over 20 years. I’m still as excited today as I was then that it’s possible for anyone to have their own little corner of the web. And although I’m active on various social media platforms, this place belongs to me. There might be some things you find interesting too:


During the COVID-19 pandemic some of my friends started writing weekly posts. Reading about their lives, hobbies and struggles with the state of the world was a great comfort to me, so I decided to do the same. My most recent weeknote is from 01 January 2024 and I’ve written 57 more.

Blog posts

Since 2008 I’ve occasionally written blog posts here. They’re mostly on technical topics and a lot of the older ones are now out-of-date. But there’s a few that still stand up I think:


I’ve recently started writing notes. They’re my take on a personal wiki or digital garden. The idea is that I’ll write and share more without the ceremony of “blogging”.


My sketches are a place to document and share music that I’ve made.