I created four voices using my triangles norns script. I panned them hard left and right 2 at a time and recorded them into Reaper. I then mixed down two of them to a file loaded it back into the norns tape and ran it through the otis script.

The melody voice is two chained patterns from less concepts 3 sequencing Plaits. There’s a track of cassette-type noise added too and I used Valhalla delay and vintage reverb on sends in Reaper.

I sent every track to a “mix” track and controlled the level of each “as live” using a Korg nanoKontrol. I do this to try and avoid fiddling with automation curves and so on.

I like the melody, although it’s a bit too busy for the style I was going for - I need to think slower and sparser. I’m unsure about some of the background drone sounds. I think I’ve worked on triangles too much and lost a bit of perspective. A- said it sounds like “pan pipes”. I think the mix sounds quite bright and fairly well balanced.