Weeknotes 6

September 21, 2020
  • We have a new bathroom!
  • Which means we’ve been able to move back home. I’ve really missed being able to find a sharp kitchen knife.
  • On Tuesday I decided to stop procrastinating and write an application for a really interesting-sounding opportunity on a popular government open tender site. A lot of companies that go for this kind of thing have people who write the applications, and a separate set of people that end up doing the work. At freerange we’re the same people. This has a bunch of downsides, but one of the main upsides (for our clients at least) is that when we apply for a project, we really want to do it. I was pleased with the application I put together, it took a couple of hours (plus some extra hours of faffing close to the deadline while I shuffled words around aimlessly). I’m fully anticipating having our hopes dashed.
  • Harry and Abi from Outlandish came by the office on Thursday and we went to the pub for a drink before heading home. That’s the first time I’ve sat in (outside) a pub with some friends for over 6 months. It might be the last time for a while too.
  • I really enjoyed this interview with Wendy Liu (Abolish Silicon Valley) on the Upstream Podcast
Upstream · Wendy Liu on Aboloshing Silicon Valley (In Conversation)