Weeknotes 9

October 18, 2020
  • On reflection, opening a weeknotes with “several years ago” is a bit of a cop-out.
  • I was out-and-about a bit this week. I met an old colleague on Tuesday afternoon, my GFR comrades on Wednesday and a friend on Friday night. The latter was the first time I’ve been out of the house after 7pm for several months. The beer garden felt safe, table service was a bit of a novelty and the 10pm curfew seemed dangerously arbitrary. But with a pint in hand I probably would say that.
  • These meetings all involved sitting outside and as the weather gets colder I need some more layers. Vest or tactical base-layer?
  • I had another session of the Barefoot Co-op Development training course on Tuesday. This time the topic was conflict resolution. In groups, we helped an imaginary co-op pub to handle some conflict between their staff. I found the (Zoom) group work quite tiring but very rewarding. In our group we had two members of an actual co-op community pub and I learnt a lot from discussing everyone’s real experiences.
  • Space4 have asked me to help run a workshop on legal structures as part of their plan to become a co-op in their own right. I’m excited but also nervous about putting some of what I’m learning into practice.
  • I received another couple of emails this week asking what happened to web audio weekly. I’ll try and get an issue out this week, but if you, dear reader, ever consider starting a newsletter my advice to you is to avoid using the millstone word “weekly” in its title.
  • So ends these weeknotes. Oh.