Weeknotes 13

November 23, 2020
  • I started working at FutureLearn again this week. They’ve asked us to help with a couple of projects and it’s good to be back. It goes without saying that the working environment is dramatically different to the last time I was there - everyone is now fully remote. Chris has joined me to help out too, and it’s great to finally get chance to work with him.
  • Life is otherwise pretty quiet, there’s not a lot to do in lockdown London. We’ve been lucky to have the Heath and some reasonable weather. N- enjoyed a trip to the playground and the lido cafe makes something he’ll eat (and has a tasty falafel stand outside on weekends) so we had a wintery picnic.
  • With no travel to pay for I’ve been able to save a little bit in the last few months. I treated myself to a Koma Field Kit to use as a small mixer and because Hainbach has one. I’ve been able to connect my Volca Keys and PO-33 sampler to the built in mixer and mash that up with some radio static and buzzy noises from the LFO. The setup just puts a huge smile on my face. Not to sound like too much of an old man, but as a teenage music technology student I would have been blown away by the capabilities of these little instruments.
  • I had a couple of Zoom calls with friends. That tradition seemed to die away a bit over the summer, but I really enjoyed catching up. One of my friends has lived in Singapore for years so we scheduled a chat for Friday lunchtime UK time. That worked pretty well (although I was a bit jealous of his beer).
  • I’m down from around 93kg at the start of the year to just over 85kg now. I’d like random online calculators to stop calling me “overweight”, which I think means a BMI of 25 or less (< 81kg). A fairly plain diet and not too many beers isn’t a lot of fun during lockdown but it’s also not a bad time to do it. I’m pleased with my progress so far.