Weeknotes 16

December 21, 2020
  • My in-laws arrived and after a period of self-isolation and a negative COVID test, they finally got to meet F- for the first time.
  • 🥲
  • I finished up at work for the year. We managed to complete our piece of the project on time and along the way advocated for some more agile ways of working which I think helped the team as a whole.
  • I also finished my Barefoot Co-op Development training course. I’ve been meeting my 20 or so class mates via zoom every other Tuesday for the last 6 months and it was sad to say goodbye. I’m hoping we’ll all be able to get together as planned at some point next year. I now know a bit more about how to start and run a co-operative business and I’m thinking about how best to use this knowledge in 2021.
  • I made my first submission to the Disquiet Junto weekly composition challenge. It’s a very simple piano piece. I have very little time to make music but I enjoyed having a challenge and a self-imposed deadline (about an hour).
  • I’m tired and lonely and I wish I could be there for my family and friends who are having a harder year than I am.