Weeknotes 18

January 4, 2021
  • Happy New Year.
  • We’ve spent another week holed up in our rental house in Oxford. It’s good to have the extra space but I think N- is getting ready for a change of scene. The local playground is flooded and that’s about the extent of accessible, safe outdoor activities.
  • On Saturday I went for a walk with my friend Aaron from fellow co-op Agile Collective. It was good to catch up and try and be a bit hopeful for 2021.
  • I got a burst of enthusiasm to write last week so I decided to put together another issue of my newsletter. It was heart-warming to receive a few emails from readers thanking me and saying that they’d missed it. I’m going to try to keep a regular schedule for these again for a while.
  • I’ve managed to make a small amount of music each day for Jamuary. At the moment figuring out how to record and share them would mean I don’t bother making them, but I’m hoping to upload one or two this week when I get back home. I’m still enjoying learning the ins and outs of TidalCycles, mostly by translating sounds and techniques that I see others using on YouTube to the Tidal environment.
  • Arsenal are playing fairly well at the moment, which cheers me up.
  • Paul started writing weeknotes which has also cheered me up!
  • After my hair was described by A- as looking “a bit Doc Brown” it was time for a lockdown haircut. We borrowed my father-in-law’s beard trimmer (he has a very stylish beard) and A- hacked everything off. It’s now a much more respectable 3mm long. The kids thought this was hilarious. Rather than share a picture of my ugly mug, here’s N-‘s “before and after” rendition: