Weeknotes 19

January 10, 2021
  • We returned to London this week. We’d accidentally turned off the fridge/freezer before we left, so that was a messy welcome home.
  • I’d planned to work with James on our project for Oxford University. We spent a bit of time remotely-together but I mostly ended up having business development calls, a workshop with Space4 and making an application for a potential project. And also staring slack-jawed at the TV while some fash broke/were let into the Capitol.
  • N- and I went for a short walk, and spent quite a bit of time watching two squirrels build a nest (or a drey, apparently).
  • Sam and Matt started writing weeknotes! Sam even added an RSS feed just for old, old me, thanks Sam.
  • I’ve been jamming (not the delicious kind, sadly) fairly regularly. Mostly with tidalcycles, and in particular with the Mutable Instruments Supercollider ports. I wrote a bit about one jam and shared some music in the tidalcycles club.