Weeknotes 20

January 18, 2021
  • F- is almost starting to crawl. I really enjoy watching his physical problem solving as he works out what combination of roll, shuffle or kamikaze dive will let him grab something he shouldn’t. His favourite place to practice this is the bath, I think the added boyuncy helps a lot. And no matter how many times he slips and ends up under water - after I fish him out he goes at it again.
  • We have agreed to start work on a new project in a few weeks time. I’m really glad. Even more than usual it feels risky to say no to certain work in order to take on something new. But taking a bit of a leap of faith has given me a lot of energy and optimism, which I need at the moment.
  • On Saturday I went on my first run since F- was born. It felt a lot better than I expected. Rafael Behr’s harrowing account of suffering a heart attack took me back to my own encounter with St. Thomas’s cardiac unit several years ago. The paramedic who took me in thought I’d had a heart attack at the time, but after a lot of investigation it turned out to be a heart defect I didn’t know I had. Still, I don’t want to end up back there - and I know that I can miss exercise when I’m doing it regularly enough, so that seems like a good place to get back to.
  • I had some fun chopping up breaks and slicing them back together in one of my Jamuary tidalcycle jams. Somewhat optimistically/recklessly I see LTJ Bukem and Roni Size are scheduled to play at the Forum in November. Who’s with me?