Weeknotes 21

January 25, 2021
  • My inlaws returned to Colombia on Wednesday. It was very sad to see them leave, made more difficult by not quite knowing when we’ll be able to see them again. They both had a negative COVID test within 2 days of flying and I was happy at least that we’d managed to keep them safe and healthy while they were here.
  • We lost a family member in Colombia to Covid. A lovely man who had us to stay for Christmas in his house in Medellin when N- was 8 months old.
  • Having kept N- at home while A-s parents were here, on Wednesday we were able to send him back to nursery. He was excited to see his friends again and their little reunion when I dropped him off was touching. Because their access to outdoor space is a bit more limited than usual, they now have a trampolene inside. You can imagine the excitement!
  • On Thursday night we got the message that the nursery would have to close for 10 days due to 2 staff testing positive. Nursery staff are really putting themselves at risk at the moment, and Camden council have been offering regular tests. Given the prevalence of the virus at the moment, and the false positive rate for these tests I suspect short shutdowns might become more frequent. We’ve been trying to decide how best to work around this as A- is due to return to work in March.
  • It’s been a tough week, but I’m lucky to be able to spend time with my family. It snowed on Sunday and it was the first time N- had seen the snow. He loved being outside for around 10 minutes until he realised how cold it was!
  • For some light relief we’ve been enjoying the first season of Cobra Kai. Wonderfully silly, nostalgic fun.