Weeknotes 22

January 31, 2021
  • All four of us came down with COVID this week.
  • A-, N- and I have all tested positive. We sent off a test for F- at the same time, but we haven’t got his results yet.
  • We haven’t been well. The boys have mostly had typical cough/cold symptoms. We’ve had high fevers and I’ve been having shortness of breath.
  • It’s hard looking after sick children when you’re sick yourself, and worse given the current situation. I’m thankful for my GFR colleagues and tuzz for taking the stress of work away.
  • My medium-term ambitions have gone from “it’d be nice to have a meal out with some friends” to “it’d be nice to take the bins out without feeling exhausted”.
  • I feel like I’m on the mend though and hopefully over the worst of it. Going to take a few days to rest up as best as I can and look after the family so they can do the same.