Weeknotes 28

March 23, 2021
  • I had the most enjoyable week at work I can remember for a long time. We can’t talk about what we’re working on just yet, but last week I got to build something that combines Web Audio, computer music, programming languages and education. And to do that with a brilliant team. I was in my element!
  • F- had his first full day at nursery on Friday. He seems to be settling in well. I miss him being around during the day though. And as is customary he’s immediately caught a bunging cold.
  • Currently reading “Fear of music: why people get Rothko but don’t get Stockhausen” by David Stubbs. As well as trying to answer the central question about why “modern art” is so popular but the equivalent music is not, it also has a great art/music history of the 20th century.
  • Predictably my music making has taken a bit of a back seat in favour of music software making. But I really enjoy all aspects of this hobby.
  • I went for a run. It was so hard, being ill and in the house for months really takes it out of you it turns out. I thought I’d try 3km at 7:30/km which was a fairly easy pace and distance for me a year ago. I managed about 1km. Strava, while generally pretty awful, has two things going for it. Firstly, it continues to insist on calling me an athlete which amuses me no end. And secondly, it reminded me that with some effort I was able to improve and run a 5k last year.
  • I enjoyed Beer Hawk’s One way road to beer data visualisation. Or, as my friend dryly put it, 140 days until “unexpected circumstances” shut everything again. Having said that, have bike, will travel. If anyone fancies a beer in the park, give me a shout.