Weeknotes 31

April 18, 2021

My brother came to visit on Friday. We haven’t seen each other since August, which is also more than half of F-‘s life. We had a pint in the beer garden at The Southampton Arms then picked the boys up from nursery for a very excitable trip to the playground, before heading out for a couple more beers. It was great.

A- is watching Twin Peaks and while I’m trying not to get sucked into another TV Series I am enjoying the soundtrack in the background, it’s a banger.

We’re getting ready to launch the thing we’ve been working on for the Raspberry Pi Foundation - it’s been a fun but busy week tidying up a lot of loose ends.

Paul recommended the post Embrace the Grind about how sometimes doing large amounts of tedious work produces results that are magical. Some of the most inspiring people I’ve worked with share that trait in common, but I hadn’t seen it expressed in such a clear way before.