Weeknotes 32

May 3, 2021

F- is teething. Which means he gets a fever quite often. Which means we get asked to collect him from nursery. Which means he needs to have a negative PCR test before he can go back. The nearest walk in test centre is now 3 miles away, and you’re asked to walk or drive. He did not enjoy over an hour of being pushed in the push chair and then having a swab stuffed up his nose. The test was negative.

We also went through this same routine with N- on Monday.

I had my second vaccine shot on Wednesday. A lot less pain in the arm this time, but developed fever and a sore throat after 24 hours. Glad to be doing my bit to stop transmission, and the folks at the St Thomas vaccination centre were typically wonderful.

I was on leave this week. In between all of the above I did manage to finally paint the chair I made, and also the bench stool I brought home from my class with Chris Schwarz 18 months ago. I like painted furniture, but I don’t like painting furniture. I used some black milk paint and finished with a top coat of Osmo.

Painted chair

I’ve played Nothing Less by Awon & Phoniks so much since it came out last month. If you like jazzy, sampled, Golden Era boom-bap you will love this.

Back to work on Tuesday. As much as I’m enjoying the current project, I could really do with a proper break. When the kids leave home perhaps?