Weeknotes 34

June 1, 2021

Another week of childcare disruptions. N- had a temperature on Wednesday lunchtime, so the nursery sent him and F- home pending a coronavirus PCR test. I was able to book a test at a “mobile test centre” in Kentish Town. This turned out to be a white van parked in a carpark near the Forum. There was no tables, chairs or hand sanitiser, but after several frustrating attempts we managed to take a valid test. High fives all round (so much for social distancing) and we had a negative result by the next morning. N- was perfectly fine after a nap and recovered from whatever he had, but unfortunately F- was pretty grumpy and snotty for the rest of the week. I spent two days at home with him while he felt sorry for himself and slept on top of me.

By Sunday both boys were back on form, so yesterday we decided to take a sponteneous trip to Brighton (along with the rest of London, it seemed). I haven’t seen that many people in one place for a long time. F- has barely left North London in his short life, so it was great to see his eyes wide open at the sight of a fairground ride, or a beach full of stones to eat.

I’m into my final week of Couch to 5k although I stuggled with the heat on my run this morning. I’ve heard good things about the Garmin Coach system from a couple of friends and enjoy being told what to do on runs by a machine, so I’m thinking of buying a “Forerunner 45” to give me some structure after the end of the C25K plan.