Weeknotes 35

June 13, 2021

Took the kids to play in the fountains at Granary Square today. For me, it’s better than being on a beach - they get to splash around, but there’s also shade and a big supermarket. I remember taking N- when he was the age F- is now, and it took us a long time to convince him to dip a toe in the water. F- was straight in there although he did get cold fairly quickly. The nursery is closed on Friday for a training day, so I might take them both their again if the weather is good - I imagine it’ll be a lot quieter than it was today.

We’ve been watching The Last Kingdom. It’s not an overly complicated story, but like most TV it’s a bit much for my brain. I really appreciate how each episode opens with some drawn out exposition. I generally have no recollection of what happened in the last episode, so this helps a lot.

Ripcord is an alternative client for Slack and Discord. It’s primary advertised feature is “not made from a web browser”. Might be a keeper.