Weeknotes 36

July 2, 2021

I’m fairly settled into a routine of three days in the office and two at home now. It’s working well, I really enjoy having a few more people around even if I’m not directly working with them. I caught up with some co-op friends on Thursday as Outlandish were having a bit of a get-together in the park.

I’ve also been fitting some running into the schedule. A run home from the nursery drop-off on Monday, from the office on Wednesday and round Finsbury park today. I’ve been averaging about 16km a week for the last 3 weeks which is a step up. The Garmin Coach is working out quite well, it gives me a bit of variety and some motivating stats and graphs.

I started making a custom supercollider engine for my long-running norns project. Supercollider is a bit esoteric but a lot of fun. I’m fairly close to releasing a first version. I don’t expect anyone else to use it, but it’s useful to have the idea of shipping something in mind to help me to decide what to work on next.

The boys’ nursery is closed in August so we’ve been busy planning what to do for the month. A- and I are going to split the parenting by working slightly shorter hours and starting or finishing later. We’ll do about of that from my parents, which I’m really looking forward to. We’ve also booked a few nights in Norwich and a few camping (or glamping?) in Norfolk. It’s expensive and booked up everywhere but somehow not having to pay the nursery fees for a month makes it feel slightly more affordable.

I miss my GFR colleagues, I’m really hoping we can get together soon.