Weeknotes 37

August 9, 2021

School’s out for summer. Unfortunately N- missed his last day at his nursery, because F- had a temperature the day before and they both got sent home pending a PCR test. Since then A- and I have been taking turns looking after them. A trip to the Zoo on Monday and a trip bowling on Friday. F- is so fast on his feet now that both of these activities were exhausting, but also fun.

I’ve been battling a heavy cold (thanks kids) for a couple of weeks. My running has really taken a hit and I’ve been missing it. I tried to run on Wednesday and had to stop, but managed 3km on Saturday. Hopefully on the mend now.

We’ve travelled to my parents for a week so A- and I can work a bit before we go on holiday to Norfolk next week.

When I’ve had a bit of free time I’ve been spending it learning how to use Reaper and writing music. I’ve been trying to finish songs as best as I can, to get practice at all of the different parts of the process. I’m considering finding a tutor or mentor in the autumn, because I think I’d learn faster with some regular feedback and deadlines.