Weeknotes 40

September 26, 2021

N- finished his second full week at his new school. It’s been a really big change for him and us, but he’s settling in well and (as far as I can tell from his minimal dispatches) enjoying it. We’re still not into a routine because the drop off and pick up times are very different to before. Also F- returned to nursery, got ill and, yada-yada-yada (cf. every previous f–king weeknote).

I took Thursday and Friday away from client work to attend the CoTech gathering at Space4 in Finsbury Park (where I have an office). It was really comforting and helpful to just spend some time with some other people who’ve been through the last 18 months and decompress. We had a couple of good sessions on working together and developing business, and also a few pints in the pub.

The thing we’ve been working on with the Raspberry Pi foundation got a wider release this week (with a switch away from a beta. subdomain). I’m going to talk more about that on the GFR blog soon. Recently I’ve been doing a bit of sound design for the music activity which has been a welcome change and a lot of fun.

I finished up a track that seemed good enough to share (a lot of them are not good enough) and started another. I’ve been sharing work-in-progress music with a friend of mine, and it’s been really useful and motivating.

It’s our anniversary tomorrow and I get to celebrate spending 7 years married to the most amazing person I know. We’re going to try and find some Greek food for lunch.