Weeknotes 45

January 2, 2022

We’ve travelled to Barranquilla for a few days by the sea. It’s around an hour flight from Bogotá and F- fell asleep before we took off and woke up after we’d landed. We’re staying in a small resort that seems to specialise in watersports. I’ll know more when I’ve had chance to explore tomorrow.

We saw New Year in at my brother and sister in-laws house, a few extended family joined us too. It was a nice, quiet affair (to be honest, with F- typically waking up at 5am on a good day, I probably wouldn’t have stayed up past midnight at home).

I’ve deployed a few changes to this site that I’ve been hacking on over the last few weeks. I’ve added a section for notes to see if it helps me write more without the pressure of “publishing”. I’ve also roughly hacked something together to hold my musical sketches. I’m hoping to create a few SuperCollider things for #jamuary.

It’s been a vintage week for Weeknotes. Despite their protestations I’ve really enjoyed reading Tom, Simon and Paul’s yearnotes. I’ve not managed to write every week this year, but I am glad I’ve managed to keep writing them. If nothing else, it’s my offering to a collective practice that gives me a huge amount in return.