Weeknotes 46

January 16, 2022

We arrived home. The trip to Barranquilla was relaxing, we had an impromptu extra night in the city itself because we missed our flight back to Bogotá (3am != 3pm, for reference). The last few days in Bogotá were fun, N- had a “sleep over” at his cousin’s house, and we caught up with the extended family a bit. We’d arranged an evening out with one of A-‘s school friends but unfortunately they’d caught COVID and had to postpone. There wasn’t much sign of the new varient when we arrived, but I suspect it’s a matter of time.

The flight back to London went fairly well. N- slept almost the whole of the first 10 hour leg. F- slept a reasonable amount but mostly on top of me which meant I didn’t get much rest. The connection in Madrid was mercifully short and stress-free and we had a taxi waiting for us in Heathrow. We isolated at home for 2 days and have been able to go out today after our (paid-for) LFTs were negative.

We’ve binged the first 6 episodes of Cobra Kai over the (jetlagged) weekend. I was nervous that it wouldn’t live up to the high artistic bar set by the previous series, but after a slow start a spectacular training montage in episode 5 has redeemed it. I’m going to savour the final four episodes like a fine wine.

I’ve made a few bits of music for #jamuary. So far, they’ve all been an excuse for me to learn more about SuperCollider and in particular its pattern language for sequencing musical events. Rather than stressing myself out coming up with videos to go along with each one for Instagram, I’ve instead been dumping the mp3s and some notes in the sketches category on this site. I’ve been sharing them in a private discord server I’m a member of which means I don’t miss out on the hashtag-driven community aspect of the project too much.