Weeknotes 47

January 23, 2022

It’s fair to say that adjusting back to life in London this week has been pretty hard. N-‘s after school club closed on his first day back for two weeks (due to too many cases of Covid in his year), so we’ve had to adjust our working arrangements already. F- made it through his first week back at nursery, but became ill on Friday afternoon. A LFT says its not Covid, so hopefully just teething or another virus. He’s lost his voice!

We really miss family and sunshine. The feeling of loneliness is compounded by the fact that our closest friends in London are now serious about leaving the city and have put their flat on the market.

On the bright side, we’ve got some work lined up with a new client and its been fun catching up with James this week and working on our R&D tax credit application together (don’t say we don’t know how to party). It’ll be good to get stuck into some client work again, and hopefully get back into Space4.

I also created 5 “jams” for jamuary, had a big sort out of a book case, hung out with F- and then went for lunch at a friend’s place.

I’ve lost a bit over 2kg so far this year. Ambitiously, I’d like to lose 10kg by my birthday in April.