Weeknotes 49

February 22, 2022

Things have been broadly uneventful for a bit, and to be honest, it can continue for a while. After living with the constant threat of a school closing, a kid getting COVID, us getting COVID or some plans being cancelled because of COVID, it’s been nice to have a bit of time where everything has settled into a bit of routine.

We haven’t had much work on in the last week so I’ve been busy trying to drum something up - mostly by working on proposals for small projects with some of our co-op friends.

I donated my workbench to the local Men’s shed to make space for a desk to use for music-making, and working from home. It was a bit sad to see the bench I’d built go, but realistically I wasn’t using it to do any meaningful furniture making and I can always build another in the future when the kids are a bit older. So far I’ve loved having a dedicated space to make music with everything plugged in and ready to go.

I tidied up some Supercollider code from some of my musical experiments in January and turned it into a script for norns. It’s been lovely to see a few other people using it to make things too.

Went to the football on Saturday for the first time in a long time. Overdid the festivities a bit, but it was fun to be back. There’s quite a positive atmosphere there at the moment which makes a difference.