Weeknotes 54

March 22, 2023

A fairly quiet week at work as we wait for a large, new project to start. I’m still providing some support/mentoring/coaching to data people with sports governing bodies so spent some time preparing to talk to England Netball about sample sizes and survey data.

N-‘s school was closed for two days due to NEU strike action (✊), and A- agreed to look after him this time, so I took F- on his usual Monday “at home” day. We went to his swimming lesson in the morning, had a cake afterwards then home for lunch and a nap, followed by Tempo Tots at Kentish Town City Farm. Perfect.

LRUG on Monday night was well-attended, I enjoyed both talks and catching up with some ex-FutureLearn colleagues afterwards.

I’ve been invited to take part in a clinical trial for a new drug specifically developed for the heart condition I have. This is exciting because although I may receive the placebo/killer bees during the trial I should be eligible in any case for the real drug after the trial concludes. I’m definitely not “my old self” so the promise of something that can help that doesn’t involve invasive surgery is welcome. I’ve had the first of a few screening tests to see if I’m eligible and I’m waiting to see if I’ve been accepted.

I’ve sent some music I’ve been working on to a friend who offered to master it for me and I’m now thinking about all the things I’ll need to do (artwork, promotion, streaming services etc) to self-release it. I find it really hard to build up the courage to just let this music go and move on. The book “Art & Fear” (amazon, ethical alternatives) has been a very useful reminder for why I should.