Weeknotes 27

March 15, 2021
  • It was F-‘s first day at nursery on Wednesday. He’ll be going to the same Spanish-speaking nursery as his older brother 3 days a week. The settling in routine is a bit different this time around given the covid restrictions but A- was able to spend some time with him getting him used to the surroundings. By Friday he spent a few hours, including a nap and lunch. He seemed happy to be left there - on the one hand you want them to settle, but on the other it’d be quite nice if they cared when you left. He’ll have a 4 day break before his next visit so next week could be worse.
  • I had a spirit-lifting virtual cup of tea with Murray this week. For various reasons, I was in the office for the day and it was great to be able to a large monitor, decent camera and fast connection for the chat. Not the same as in-person, but much better than at home.
  • I’ve been doing a reasonable amount of business development (calls with potential clients) and account management (calls with current clients) recently. I’ve found myself enjoying and looking forward to this kind of work, and I like that it is largely self-directed. Maybe I’ll end up doing more of it?
  • I made my first change to a norns script. So far it’s been a fun environment to work in. Norns is effectively a custom Linux distribution running on a raspberry pi. Sound is created by engines written in SuperCollider, but rather than write Supercollider code directly, users write scripts in Lua. These scripts act as glue code between the inputs (3 encoders, 3 buttons, and any connected OSC/MIDI devices) and outputs (sound, LED screen, OSC/MIDI). You can edit the scripts using a web interface that runs on a web server on the pi, but as it’s “just Linux” you can also SSH in, pull git repositories etc. It’s very well thought-out platform for creative coding and there’s an active, welcoming community too.
  • My already fairly low opinion of the police was not helped by the events of the week. Heartbreaking, depressing stuff.